Shipping & Delivery
Do you ship to Malaysia?
Yes, we ship to Malaysia from Singapore.
What is the shipping Cost to Malaysia?
Shipping cost to Malaysia is nominal in comparison to shipping to other countries from Singapore. To give an example - it would cost approximately 50 Ringgit to ship a 1kg pack from Singapore to Malaysia.

We have corporate account with our shipping partners FedEx, UPS and TNT. Which means we get discounted shipping rates and we pass those shipping rates to you.
Which shipping company will you use to send temporary tattoos?
We will be sending package via one of the following shipping companies

- FedEx (
- TNT (
- UPS (

If you want us to use your shipper kindly provide us the details and we can liaise with them for picking up the package.
How long does it take for me to receive shipment in Malaysia?
Depending on the location in Malaysia it will take 2-5 days. E.g. economy delivery to Kuala Lumpur will take 2 days whereas economy delivery to Kuching will take 3-5 days.

We will provide the tracking number of the shipment after shipping the goods.
Where will you ship the tattoos from?
We will ship the temporary tattoos from Singapore.
Can you deliver the tattoos to my partner company in Singapore?
Absolutely. Let us know the address and contact number and we will take care of the rest.
Can I pay using my credit or debit card?
After the order is confirmed we will send you PayPal payment link. Using the link you can choose to pay via debit card or credit card.
Can I pay into your local bank account in Malaysia?
As of now we do not have an account in a local Malaysia bank. However, in future we will provide this facility too.
Can you issue an invoice?
After you confirm the order, we will issue you a formal invoice. The invoice will have your order and company details
What currency exchange rate will you apply between SGD and Ringgit?
We would issue the invoice in SGD. We can also quote you in Ringgit. Let us know what would you prefer.
Minimum Order Quantity
What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Our minimum order quantity is 500 pcs for an identical tattoo sheet.
Can I mix and match the designs and qualify for minimum order quantity (500 pcs)?
No, the minimum order quantity is applicable to identical tattoo sheet. e.g. if you have 2 different tattoo sheet designs then we will manufacture 1000 pcs i.e. 500 pcs of each tattoo sheet.
Lead Time
What is the lead time for manufacturing tattoos?
Our lead time for manufacturing temporary tattoos is 8-10 days. Add 2-5 days of shipping time to Malaysia.
Design Files
What format should I submit the designs?
We will need the source file of the design in ai or in eps or in psd format. The file should be in CMYK mode with at least 300 dpi.
Can Gumtoo design for us?
Yes, you can commission our designer to design exclusively for you. Following is the design process for commissioned designs

  • Week1 - We will propose 2-3 design options.
  • Week2 - After you select the option/s we will provide the coloured version of the selected option/s.
  • Week3 - The approved design will be sent for production.
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